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I have several friends who are much younger than I am, and they all seem to be much farther along in life than I am. More formal education, closer to their careers, having children, moving into *nice* big houses, respected by everyone.

I have female friends on Facebook who post how amazing their husbands are. Then I realize my wife never does that, which in turn helps me realize that I don’t deserve it.



I really don’t.


I get so irritated whenever I’m reminded of how full this world is of idiots… it’s nice to finally have a somewhat idiot-free Facebook to come to. The more people I block, the more I get to see the people who don’t offend my very existence. I’m sorry. I guess that sounded rather arrogant. Still, no matter how I worded it, it wouldn’t be any less true.

So Stooopaaaaad!

People on Craigslist are SO STUPID I just had to post a rant about it.  AGH it just makes me so angry!  Yes I know it’s not my problem but it’s just so embarrassing!

I can understand a typo here or there (I make typo mistakes all the time) and I can understand some basic spelling mistakes, but some of the things people say and the way they post their ads is just retarded.

I hate stupid questions

so annoying when people ask stupid questions…

If it’s not FREE, don’t post it in the FREE section!

I can’t stand it when people post stuff in the FREE section on Craigslist and then say you have to pay.  Why are people so stupid?!

Another Stupid YouTube Feature

If you have a youtube account, you probably have a youtube channel page, and if you have a youtube channel page, then you have a little piece of info in the side bar that says “Last Visit Date”.  You’d think it would give the date and/or time that you last visited your channel, but no.  It’s the last time you actually logged in.

Even though I’ve been using my channel constantly the past few days, the Last Visit Date for me was “4 weeks ago”.  Why?  It doesn’t make sense.  Well, apparently it shows when you last actually logged in.  I logged in 4 weeks ago, and I’ve stayed logged in since then.  Since I never logged out and back in, it said I last visited 4 weeks ago.  How retarded.  It should say “Last Login Date” or something.

Let’s not also forget that “4 weeks ago” isn’t a date.

Stupid morons.




I’m starting to get annoyed by the fact that people who post ads in the FREE section of Craigslist still put the word “FREE” all over their ads anyway… and I’m just annoyed at how really STUPID most of the people on CL are.

…and I’m annoyed at my ridiculous insomnia.  I just want to sleep… at night… like most people.  It’s 4:30 am and I’ve barely slept for a couple of hours.  I keep tossing and turning.  I just took two Tylenol PM and a big gulp of Nyquil so maybe that will help.

I’m just gonna throw this out there

I made this blog specifically for the purpose of redirecting frustrations.  Usually I see something posted on Facebook by someone I know and that post will really annoy me, so rather than vent on Facebook where they might get offended, I vent about it here…. SO… I’m gonna make this little “disclaimer”…

If you are a Facebook friend and you also read these blogs, and you feel that something I posted here is in response to something you posted on facebook and you’re hurt or bothered by it… well… tough.  I take ZERO responsibility for it.  Sure, I appreciate you came to read my blogs, as I always appreciate my readers, but if you’re gonna get all butt-hurt about something I post here, then I’d rather you just didn’t read these any more.

I’m not gonna really censor or hold back anything when I post here.  This is for me to vent my angers and frustrations and if I have to worry about what people are gonna think when they read them, then that will just defeat the purpose… so, if you’re gonna get all offended and stupid about it, just leave.

As for the rest of you, thanks for hangin’ around.  I haven’t gotten any comments lately though…


Y’know, I’m sorry, but it just really bothers me when people know very well that I’m good with computers and would rather post on Facebook complaining that they have computer problems but don’t bother asking me for help.

Maybe it’s pride.  Anyway, it’s frustrating for me, y’know.

Here’s what it feels like.  Say I’m working at a lemonade stand, and a customer walks up and appears to be looking right past me and starts calling out “hello?  is there anybody working here?  I’m really thirsty” and completely ignores my existence.  Okay, whether or not you think that it’s actually like that, it’s how I feel about the situation sometimes.

Anyway, fine.  Don’t ask me for help.  Go empty your wallet into Geek Squads pockets or live with a broken computer for a while.  See if I care.  You probably don’t deserve my help anyway.  Why should I waste my time on you.